MÄT is a universe of organic snack products with high protein content coming from eggs. All our products are glutenfree and exclusively made from good, natural ingredients with only naturally occurring sugar from fruit – and always packed with over 20% protein and 100% love!

The vision behind MÄT has been to make a healthy snacking alternative, where delicious ingredients are highly prioritized as well as taste, quality and texture. Our products are for all of you; children, adults, athletes and for those who want a delicious snack on the go
– and you can always count on getting an organic, protein-rich and delicious snack, when you buy a MÄT product!

100% LOVE

MÄT was founded by the two friends, Alice and Sofie. We have known each other since 4th grade and have been friends since ’day one’. MÄT is the realization of our dream that delicious food should be available to everyone – without having to compromise on taste and without costing a fortune.

Our organic products are ideal as a healthy snack and they are easy to carry and enjoy on the go. MÄT is for you who prefer spending your time with friends and family, rather than spending hours in the kitchen making healthy snacks.

All our products are organic and exclusively made from good, natural ingredients, and we can guarantee you, that our products are made with 100% love!

Health is for everyone





Sofie lives in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Sofie has a Masters in Human Nutrition and she is the Product and Innovation Manager at MÄT. Sofie has always had a great interest in food and good, organic ingredients. She likes to eat healthy and well, but without being fanatic – a real food lover!

Sofie is very social, a truly ‘family person’ and she loves to spend time with her friends – e.g. on the regular Saturday-run or in the fitness center. Sofie is very active and in 2015 she cycled across the United States at a charity event for KidsAid, where she is ambassador. Next to her career at MÄT, Sofie runs one of Denmark’s biggest health blogs.


Alice lives in Søllerød with her boyfriend Christian Stadil (who is the owner of MÄT), their two boys, Hamilton and Winston, and their little girl, Harper. Alice has always been interested in the latest health trends and she is very devoted to provide her family with delicious, nutritious food.

One of her ambitions with MÄT is to make it easier to give her children a nutritional meal, without having to spend hours in the kitchen and without costing a fortune. Alice has a Masters in Management and previously she has worked with PR and marketing.


Rasmus is MÄT’s sales specialist. His main target is to get our products out to a large group of different retailers.

Rasmus has a lot of experience with leadings his own companies from an early age. Some of Rasmus’s passions are human relations and sales.


Owner & CEO Thornico

Christian lives in Søllerød with Alice and their three kids. Christian owns more than 160 companies and one of them is MÄT. Besides that, he’s a founder, chairman, director, investor, author and adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School.

Christian is also involved in a wide range of external boards and think tanks. Christian is especially known for his creative and innovative approach, as well as his management philosophy, Company Karma.


Simon lives in Aarhus with his daughter, Filippa Maria. After more than 10 years as International Sales Director at Hummel A/S, Simon now works at his own consulting and lecturing firm. Simon is involved in a number of different boards. He is Head of Advisory board at MÄT and works as a consultant for a lot of Danish companies.

Much of Simon’s time is spent on his passion for charity work with Denmark’s most charitable football team. The team’s primary focus is to support children in need and Simon is both founder and Volunteer Sporting Director. Simon has previously been named Best Young Business Executive in Denmark and he has a degree in Retail Economics.


Henrik lives in Middelfart with his wife Dorte and his son Andreas. Henrik is VP for Lactosan Sanovo Ingredient Group, a food division under Thornico. Henrik has a MSc. of Dairy Science (Dairy Technology) and also holds a degree in Marketing and a degree in Business Administration. Henrik has worked for the group for 18 years and he’s a food and ingredient expert within dairy and egg products.

Outside of work, Henrik’s lifestyle is not as healthy, but he works hard in the gym a few times a week to keep fit. Henrik is also active in the local football club Strib IF, where he is president, coach and referee.


Mät = good karma

As part of the THORNICO Group, Company Karma is one of our core values. Our hope is to make a difference and although we can’t save the whole world, we aim to help to change lives for the better. Through the organization, Heart of Africa, we help children in Swaziland to have a better chance in life. Every time you buy a MÄT product, we give an egg to a child in Swaziland. It helps to provide them with better education, food and a safer life.


Thornico is a Danish family-owned conglomerate consisting of a global group of companies with a broad and diverse portfolio of businesses. Thornico operates within seven business areas: Food, Food Technology, Packaging, Sports & Fashion, Shipping, Real Estate and Digital Online Tech.


Thornico was founded around the turn of the millennium, when father and son Thor and Christian Stadil secured their first investments in Hummel, Lactosan-Sanovo Ingredients Group and Sanovo Technology Group, which was the start of what today is now a billion-dollar business.